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Sage UBS Software Version

Sage UBS version has been released.…/article/…/SAGEUBS2015.exe

What’s New In Sage UBS version

• GST Malaysia: New/ replacement tax codes introduced by Kastam Malaysia.
• Sorting of GST Bad Debt Relief Listing.
• GST Dashboard for Good Received Pending Invoices From Suppliers.
• Payment – Knock Off Bills.
• Bad Debt Relief/ Output Tax Adjustment.
• Bad Debt Recovered/ Input Tax Adjustment.
• Un-invoiced Delivery Order – Description.
• GST Returns – Start Date.
• GST Setting – With GST/ With Malaysia GST/ Malaysia GST.
• GST Imported Services – GST Reversal.
• Transaction Limit – V. Edit Button.
• Transaction Limit Checking.
• Some useful fixes for program issues.
• For more details, please read our Release Notes at…/Sage%20UBS%20v9.9.3.1%20Release%2……/article/…/SAGEUBS2015.exe

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Sage UBS Payroll New Employees Matrix

The following table illustrate the new Sage Payroll product offering and price list that will be effective from 01st October 2016 onward until further notice.

Important to take note that the following product offering for Sage Payroll will be discontinued and replaced with NEW product offering with effective from 01st October 2016.

All active license generated before 30th September 2016 with valid Sage Cover will be automatically upgrade to the new corresponding product offering for FREE and the Sage Cover renewal will be based on the new price list stated in the table below.



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Sage UBS New Pricing

Please be advised that the following price action will be effective from 1 October 2016 :-

1) SRP for Sage UBS products and User pack will be increased.

2) Sage Payroll products will be re-structured as listed below with adjusted SRP.

3) Sage Cover renewal charges will be adjusted.


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Taxable Period

The start of the taxable period is determined by beginning of the month when the taxable person has breached the threshold of RM 500,000 for mandatory GST registration.

Why is it important?

  • This is the proper determinant on when tax returns are due.

What are the conditions?

  • Total taxable supply of less then RM 5,000,000 per 12 months  – Quarterly submission
  • Total taxable supply of more than RM 5,000,000 per 12 months – Monthly submission

What if I don’t?

  • N/A

How does Sage handle this requirement?

Our products handles this requirement from a few perspectives.

  1. In our dashboard we continually monitor the taxable supply, especially important for businesses which have yet to reach RM 500,000 in annual taxable supply.
  2. Once triggered, the Sage product will keep track of your taxable period and provide key details such as the next taxable period.
sage ubs gst dashboard
sage ubs gst dashboard

What’s new in Sage UBS 2015?

Complete GST Solution

With over 25 years of experience and over 500,000 users, we now deliver to you Sage UBS with proper GST support. Reviewed by Tax Consultants and approved by the Royal Malaysian Customs for the purposes of the SME subsidy.

Even more Integrated

People are working closer together to generate the maximum output and taking this opportunity, the 2015 version introduces exciting and refreshing changes that integrates our various products to give you a complete view and control.

Seamless Upgrade

We have discussed the expectation with a lot of customers on what they wished to see with the upgrade to GST and we are delivering it now. Learn about what it means and how easy it is to upgrade from what you have now to Sage UBS 2015.

Launch into the Internet

Yes, many do not believe it but Sage UBS can even go onto the internet to deliver critical information to you. Find out how easy it is and what exciting information you can get from Sage Connect. Works on all browsers and up in minutes!

Connected Services

Accounting software is more than just journals and reports. Create Alerts, Messages, or Chat with the Helpdesk to solve your issues. Learn how connected services can enrich your total experience with our products.