What’s new in UBS software version 9.5

What’s new in UBS Accounting, Inventory and Payroll software version 9.5:-

a) Sage UBS eCredit Controller
Sage UBS eCredit Controller allows you to check the credit information on companies, businesses and individuals via RAM Credit Information Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as BRIS Information Services).
Credit information is a factual record on companies, businesses and individuals. The credit reports provide detailed profile of the company or business and includes any litigation cases, winding-up petitions, defaulters’ payment records and bankruptcy cases of individuals.

b) Sage UBS ePayMaster
Sage UBS ePayMaster provides electronic payment services to you via T-Melmax’s Max-Paygate payment gateway.
T-Melmax payment services helps you to handle processing of bulk payment, bulk collection, retail payment and other variety of payments with interface to IBG (Inter Bank Giro), FPX (Financial Processing Exchange) and statutory bodies such as EPF, SOCSO and Income Tax etc.

c) Sage UBS eWebMaster
With Sage UBS eWebMaster, you will be able to setup your business website via the Ebossss Website DIY Kit provided by Exabytes Network.
Ebossss Website DIY Kit is a 7-step-by-step wizard that guides you to setup your website.
This is a subscription service and it is provided free for the first year.

d) ACT! by Sage for UBS
ACT! by Sage for UBS is a contact management system. It helps you to manage customer relationships, track sales leads, organise diary & tasks and organise marketing campaigns.
Now, you are able to integrate UBS Accounting and UBS Inventory & Billing with ACT! by Sage for UBS to sync and retrieve required information.

e) Sage UBS Mobile
Sage UBS Mobile is a ‘mini’ UBS Accounting on mobile. You are able to view customer information (i.e. contact details, shipping & billing details, and payment terms), unpaid bills and debtor statement at anywhere, anytime via Sage UBS Mobile.

f) Sage UBS Accounting – ECCT
With this new feature, you can connect your credit card terminal to Sage UBS Accounting and process receipt transaction with ease. Receipt details such as Approval code and Invoice no will be captured into the system. System will auto generate the financial entries when the credit card transaction is successfully processed.

g) Sage UBS POS Lite
Sage UBS POS Lite is a lite version of Sage UBS POS for restaurants and retailers. It comes with a Simple Setup Wizard and Add New Personnel Files Wizard to help you get started with the system with just a few steps. Touch screen capability is available for restaurants. UBS POS Lite can also integrate with ECCT.

h) Sage UBS Payroll – Quick Entry
It enables you to maintain Allowance, Deduction, Overtime and Others; all in 1 screen.

i) Sage UBS Payroll – 12 Months Figures Update
With this feature, you can now check the 12 months figure update changes made by users in a log report.

j) Sage UBS Payroll – New bank formats
New bank formats available are as below :
a) AM Bank for salary
b) Public Bank for EPF
c) Maybank for Tax, EPF, SOCSO (HR Pay V6.4)
d) OCBC Bank for salary (Singapore)
e) DBS Bank for salary (Singapore)
k) Sage UBS Payroll – Customized Pay Slip
Customize pay slip is now able to be printed in PDF format.

l) Sage UBS Payroll – Payroll Manager’s Information
Payroll manager’s information can now be updated via government reports (EPF, SOCSO, Income Tax).

m) Sage UBS Payroll – HRDF Contribution Percentage
HRDF contribution percentage can be updated through government reports.

n) Sage UBS Payroll – Previous Year Tax Calculation
Tax calculation for previous year can be viewed from Personnel File Maintenance. This feature is only valid for transaction from year 2011 onwards.

o) Sage UBS Payroll – Director Fee
Director fee is now able to be calculated as fix or variable income. Director’s fee setting is available at Personnel File Maintenance.

p) Sage UBS Payroll – EPF
EPF calculation has changed for wages exceeding MYR 20,000.00. Please refer to schedule 3 of the EPF Act 1991.

q) Format hard disk – License reissuance not required
From Sage UBS version 5 onwards, license reissuance is no longer required if you have formatted your hard disk and you have a backup copy of your license file.