Sage Payroll – EPF Statutory Contribution Rate Setup 2013

In compliance with KWSP statutory requirement, the EPF contribution rate is to remain unchanged until 60 years of age.  Thus, it will still stand at 12 per cent [12%] for monthly wages of RM5,000 and above,  and 13 per cent [13%] for monthly wages of RM5,000 and below, from employers; 11 per cent [11%] from employees as tabled below


Therefore to ensure correct EPF contribution in this new legislation, you are advised to review and set the correct rates to apply in the EPF Table for correct calculation during payroll processing.

Just follow these simple steps as listed below: –

EPF Table Setups

Step 1     Go to Housekeeping > Setup > Government Table > EPF Table

Step 2     In EPF Table screen, you may use any table row from 2 – 5 to set 5.50% for Employee column; 6.00% for Employer column.

The reason for this recommendation is:

Table 1             is referenced to the commonly use default EPF rate, and also the default value shown in personnel maintenance screen.  Therefore, it is advisable to leave it intact for ease of employee setup

Table 6             is referenced to store the fixed rate, 11.00% for Employee column; 5.00% for Employer column



Personnel File Maintenance Setup

Step 1     Go to Personnel > Personnel File Maintenance

Step 2     Click on Govern. Tab > go to EPF section

è In the Table field, select the correct table row for use on the employee

In the example shown, it is table 5 which is set to 5.50% Employee and 6.00% Employer

è  In the Category field, select “X” if the employee is not subjected to EPF contribution




Upgrade UBS Payroll Step by Step

Step 1: Do all the backup for every directory (File > Backup> select the folder )

(Remember to create new folder name for each directory backup as all the ubs backup file has the same name

Step 2: Copy the whole program folder and paste it in different drive or external hardisk. (Optional)

(In case user has customized payslip can retrieve from the folder)

Step 3: Print screen select company screen, in order to add back directory after install new version.


Step 4: Uninstall the old version from Control Panel> Add or Remove Program.

Step 5: Install the new version (ex: UBS Payroll 9.8). You can download from below link:

Select Sage Payroll 2013

Step 6: (Optional) At the select company screen select ‘License Wizard’> I would like to upgrade my existing license for those old SNO. Ex: SNO start with ‘PUL’. License Central will send an email to user registered email with Sage to inform new SNO number


Step 7: (Optional) For those new customer or customer license is not active in the pc, at the select company screen select ‘License Wizard’> I would like to activate my license over the internet>Next


Step 8: Key in the SNO & activation code> next


If user has activate the license successfully system will show below message> click finish


System will request user to restart UBS Payroll.>Yes


Step 9: When user login again the software> double click in any of the directory, user can see their License key as below screen if activate successfully


Step 10: User can add the directory by select Add> key in the company and directory name>save


Step 11:  To restore backup go to File > restore> select the backup path> click restore> key in password as ‘UBS’ for new directory>ENTER


If the system prompt you below message click ‘YES’


UBS Software 9.5 latest version ready to download

UBS Software 9.5 latest version download available at :-

UBS Accounting Software
UBS Inventory Software
UBS Payroll Software
UBS Asset Register System
UBS Human Resources System
UBS POS Lite System